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Griffin Armament's Dwell Time podcast

Nov 19, 2019

Sam, Austin, and Evan go in depth on the history, development, applications, considerations, maintenance, and industry acceptance of the Griffin Armament Taper Mount Interface. 


For more information on Griffin Taper Mounts, compatible silencers, accessories, and maintenance tools, please visit our website:

Nov 9, 2019

Sam, Austin, and Evan sit down and discuss the ins and outs of the development and monumental amount of work that went into Griffin Armament's newest product line: The Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts


Nov 5, 2019

Austin takes us to school delivering a massive amount of knowledge in regard to the material Griffin armament has selected for their various silencer products in all the different categories. He covers material specs, applications, and the wide use of "exotic" materials in other products and why they're by and large......